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Automobile Business Directory Theme

Cars and Automobile DirectoryThemes

A fantastic and competent theme created from the bottom up for the development and prospects of the automobile industries. Easily impress your visitors and increase automobile sales with flawless lead connections for your professional growth. Turn your customers into members and connect with leads with your own theme-based directory.

Who can list:

  • Automobile stores
  • Car services
  • Car washes
  • Auto sales and services
  • Automobile repair
  • Used car websites


  • Google Map Integration- Build and develop customised map-based applications for your website for locating nearby automobile shops, apps etc.
  • Leads for Buy and Sell- Easily purchase or buy leads in an efficient manner and share with customers every relevant information needed to know.
  • Easy And Safe Payment Solutions- Hassle-free payments that are widely used and comprehensive allow for safer and more convenient payment choices.
  • Direct Connection to The Service Provider- Amazing network service allowing a customer to extensively connect with customers.
  • Easy Location of a Nearby Car Dealership- Easily pinpoint the location of a nearby cars, trucks, and bike dealerships when want to purchase or repair any parts.
  • SEO friendly- Optimise your website and rank higher in search engine result pages by attracting traffic and generating more to give the best optimum listing.

About the Car and Automobile Directory Theme

The cars and automobiles directory theme is a fully-featured and powerful car dealer theme especially designed for automotive and car dealership business owners to grow their business online. Automobile Directory Theme has an enhanced inventory manager that does all the hard work for the user to make listings irresistible for buyers.

Bright Directories offers fully responsive pages that are resizable gracefully on almost all devices. Integrated with element or page builder, with the latest technology and analytical tools, automobile directory themes give you endless possibilities to customize your car listings websites.

Who Can Use The Automobile & Cars Directory Theme?

The automobile directory theme is designed for creating websites for auto care, auto mechanic, automotive repair shops, car service, stores with spare parts and accessories for car repairs, car washes, service stations, car showrooms painting, major auto centres and other sites related to automobile services.

Cars and automobiles directory themes are suitable for small businesses related to automobiles – garages, motels and gas stations, repair of tires and wheels, repairs of brakes and other parts of cars, bike wash, automobile rental, car diagnostics, auto glass repair, private car services, etc. This automobile directory theme comes with an exception of intact data with 24x7 customer support.

Benefits of Automobile Directory Theme

The result that is most advanced is:

Optioned Payment Gateways

More ways of generating revenue. We will be modifying your payment experiences with PayPal and Stripe.

Easy Monetization

Through a number of strategies, including highlighted listings, claim listings, and sponsored listings, we enable you to grow your business.

Customised Review Management

We facilitate modification and management of reviews and ratings of listings by permitting or restricting a listed submitter.

SEO-Friendly Theme

We offer responsive layouts as per the SEO for your website and its content to rank well in search engines through an SEO-friendly directory theme.

Fully Responsive Design

The theme permits you to form made-to-order business directories or classified websites in the grid, list, and map browse.

Proficient Search Options

We offer advanced filters that modify your users to navigate trying to find listings with criteria like custom fields, tags, and worth vary, etc.

Automobile Directory Listing Theme Features at Glance

  • The advanced listing type builder
  • Unlimited listing types each with a unique design and functionality
  • Hassle-free UI/UX
  • Each listing type is provided with custom listing profiles
  • Custom fields added for each listing type
  • Powerful editor for all listing changes
  • Lifetime Hosting
  • Easy review and rating listing
  • Hassle-free bookmark listing
  • UI/UX design change and implementation
  • Short code generator with easy UI/UX
  • Included with custom short codes
  • Adding call-to-action buttons
  • Short code for text formats
  • Short codes for listing search forms and Icon picker
  • Google map integration
  • Customized Google Maps markers
  • Easy Google Maps location previews
  • Marker and location clustering
  • Adding background images and video
  • Custom photo edit
  • Custom scrollbars
  • Instant search on the header
  • Listing quick view
  • Bootstrap security
Cars and Automobile Directory Themes

Frequently asked questions

What businesses benefitted from the cars and automobile directory themes?

Car dealers and rentals are to be listed on the car and automobile directory theme.

  • Car parts
  • Car repair services
  • Automobile stores
  • Automobile repair
  • Auto sales and services

What are the features of the automobile directory theme?

Business listing can enhance the visibility of your listed business and can increase traffic to your website. More benefits are:

  • External links
  • Self-signup for users
  • Post publisher contact
  • Easy pay-per-post options
  • Appropriate filters for searches
  • Featured posts for homepages

Is the automobile directory theme SEO friendly?

All of our themes are enabled with SEO-friendly URLs which allow your website to be found on the local search engines enhancing the visibility of your website.

Why subscribe to the automobile directory theme?

The automobile directory theme is for businesses dealing with automobile retailing, selling and buying. Making it a one-stop for all your potential customers and leads to get connected with you in a hassle-free experience.

What makes you different from other websites?

Bright Directories is better in not only one way but seven ways:

  • We assist you in moving with us without suffering data loss.
  • We have an in-house technical team
  • We provide SEO-friendly URL
  • Easy skeletal and Super Admin customization
  • Profound security of blockchain and Bootstrap 5.0
  • We give you a single landing page
  • We enable you to scale your organic growth

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