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Features such as user-generated ratings and reviews, social sharing, and search filter options to help users find the best deals.

Coupon Deals Directory Theme
Coupon Deals Directory Theme

Coupon & Deals Web Directory Themes

An excellent and professional theme built from the ground up for the coupon business growth and opportunities. Bright Directories offers an amazing platform to showcase your customized coupons, deals, and offers to attract your potential clients. Easily impress your visitors and convert more sales with perfect lead connections for your professional members. A highly professional and fully customizable theme for your every need for customer reach.

Who can list:

  • Shopping malls
  • Grocery stores
  • Store owners
  • Variety stores
  • E-commerce discount offers
  • Holiday festival deals & coupons


  • Easy adding and editing of location - Easily add the locations by selecting on the map and editing the changes you want in the locations you have added.
  • Location-specific offers - this allows business to target their audience at the personal level with messaging based on their physical location.
  • Google map integration - Develop customised map-based applications for your company and integrate them with shops, apps or businesses.
  • Convenient browsing for customers - Simple browser patterns for customers to attract, engage and retain potential clients with aim of attracting new ones.
  • Higher ranking in local searches - Higher ranking entails optimising the rank of the website to appear within the search results of your location.
  • Customisable theme options - It offers customers customised elements of their theme and website, including widgets, menus, widget layouts, and more.

About Coupon & Deals Directory Theme

The Coupon & deals web directory theme is a complete deals, discounts and coupons template. Focused on selling online coupons, bargains, and discounts. Fully optimized and perfect for affiliated websites. Bright Directories offers affiliates, discounts, coupons, and offer deals with similar websites that will function flawlessly with the coupon website directory theme.

Who needs a coupon directory theme?

The coupons deals directory theme is an affiliated or self-hosting solution to start making a profit simply by selling discounts locally or worldwide. The coupon website theme is the perfect theme for any kind of coupon, deals & discounts related site, grocery store discount offers, online e-commerce discounts, holiday deals and coupons designed to serve coupons by both the business owners and customers.

With the help of a member directory theme and coupon directory, you can give a fantastic coupon and discount for your customers that concentrate on services and information exchange and offers coupon options to expand the opportunities for your directory business. The theme for a coupon directory website provides a great basis for discounts and offers with an amazing coupon management plugin, among other things, as well as a safe payment gateway on websites. Utilize a coupon management directory to find immediate coupon classified advertisements. At the same time, you gain knowledge about a wide range of coupons available and improve your future possibilities in the market and business.

Benefits of Coupon and Deals Directory Listing Theme

The business can earn revenue through advertising, affiliate marketing, or commission on sales generated through the platform.

Optioned payment gateways

More ways of generating revenue. Modify your payment through secure payment gateway experiences with PayPal and Stripe.

Easy Monetization

We make it possible for you to expand your business through a variety of methods, such as featured listings, claim listings, and paid listings.

Customised Review Management

We facilitate modification and management of listings reviews and ratings by permitting or restricting a listed submitter.

SEO-Friendly Theme

We offer responsive layouts as per the SEO-friendly directory theme for your website and its content to rank well in search engines.

Fully Responsive Design

The theme permits you to form made-to-order business directories or classified websites in the grid, list, and map browse.

Proficient Search Options

We offer advanced filters that modify your users to navigate trying to find listings with criteria like custom fields, tags, worth vary, etc.

Coupon and Deals Directory Theme Features

Some common features of a Coupon and Deals Directory Theme may include:

  • Search and Filter Options: Users can easily search and filter deals by category, brand, or location.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Customers can rate and review the deals they have used, helping other users to make more informed decisions.
  • Social Sharing: Users can share deals with their friends and followers on social media, increasing the exposure of the deals and the platform.
  • Coupon Code Generation: The platform may generate unique coupon codes for each deal, which can be redeemed at the checkout.
  • Affiliate Marketing: The platform can earn a commission for every sale generated through the platform by promoting affiliate deals.
  • Advertising: The platform can offer advertising space to businesses, allowing them to promote their deals and increase their visibility.
  • Email Newsletters: Users can sign up to receive regular email newsletters containing the latest deals and offers from the platform.
Coupon and Deals Directory Theme Features

Frequently asked questions

What business should be listed on the coupon directory theme?

Businesses giving discounts on their websites that deal with coupons should be featured here, some of which include:

  • Variety stores
  • Store owners
  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping malls

What are the benefits of listing of coupon directory theme?

The foremost benefit is the visibility of your business and more benefits are:

  • Location-specific offers
  • Google map integration
  • Higher ranking in local searches
  • Easy adding and editing of location
  • Convenient browsing for customers

Why should I hire an expert for business listing?

Directory listings are a time-consuming and tedious process. You may give your business the edge it requires by hiring a professional, such as bright directories, to build directory entries for you. For more details, contact us at

What is the aim behind directory software?

A software solution for all directing requirements is Bright Directories as a SaaS. You can use it to build your own website for an online company directory.

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