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Top eCommerce Directory Themes for Streamlined Online Marketplaces.

Key various feature for categories, search filters, and sorting options to help customers.

eCommerce Business Directory Theme
eCommerce Business Directory Theme

E-Commerce Directory Themes

Put an end to your search for a flexible and user-friendly theme for your e-commerce directory business. Our e-Commerce directory theme enables you to manage events on your portal along with your customers. The combination of cutting-edge technology and analytical tools enables users to achieve top search engine rankings. While you intend to expand, let us handle everything.

About E-Commerce Business Directory Theme

A clean multipurpose and customized e-Commerce directory theme perfect for your e-commerce business. Our e-Commerce directory theme contains a homepage design with fully customizable, well-organized & editable options. With different home page styles and 15+ unique headers styles, product details page with the product shop pages, blog page and so on.

Earn extra money through Advertisements

The widgets fit well with the style of your websites. Simply displaying advertising banners from your sponsors or signing up for services like Google Adsense can earn you money.

Customize your own homepage

Your e-Commerce directory theme's homepage is customisable, and you can quickly adjust it to display the content as per your own requirements. All of the homepage's widgets are present. You have the ability to rearrange the home page of your event portal using any of the widgets. The widgets can be moved in and out of the various homepage widget spaces, and they can also be rearranged to suit your needs.

Create self-reminding calendar

Establish recurring events using the capability included in the e-Commerce directory theme. In other words, you can specify a repeating date for occurrences. Decide on a global start and end date before specifying the occurrences. The occurrences will refresh themselves based on the recurrence period. You only need to enter the recurrence time, and the theme of the event will take care of the rest of the computations and processes for republishing the events and updating the listing.

Easily make your own background

Complete customization is available for the e-Commerce directory theme. Through live customizer, you may alter your website's background, fonts, and colors. Before saving your changed options, you can view a preview of them. Additionally, by modifying the widgets, you may adjust the pages and alter the sidebar and other areas. Even more complex adjustments can be made using the custom CSS.

Responsive design-friendly theme

This e-Commerce directory theme is responsive, so it will look beautiful whether users access it from a mobile device, touchpad, laptop, or desktop computer. Your site will have a lower bounce rate and rank higher in Google searches resulting in making your website responsive design ready.

Hassle-Free E-Commerce Business Directory for Your Business

We created and manage an exceptional website that is prepared for you to create a customized theme with advanced technology. We support themes and fonts that have been specially designed to appear as they belong on your website.

Highest compatibility with simple user experience

Easy compatibility guarantees the highest levels of usability, dependability, and performance for your website, ensuring a seamless experience not just for users but also improvements in revenue for a website. Catch the attention of every passing eye and offer unique aspects of a website that have never been seen before with a unique user experience and responsive design.

Easy assessment in the selling of customised products

Trusting us to assist you in selling your products won't be in vain. Selling, reselling, and up-selling will always be handled and will offer a full assurance of customer happiness and up-scaling of business growth thanks to our swift support team and intact house data. Customized design and an easily accessible location guarantee that the sale of goods arrives on time. The e-Commerce directory theme guarantees and gives top-notch client service.

Swift response to every query at any time

A prompt and accurate response to each question you have will guarantee that you keep the interest and impression of the potential clientele and ensure seamless service throughout. An upscale business that you can customize with a custom theme, bespoke fonts, and a round-the-clock support system to assist you at all times. Consider the e-commerce directory theme for an ideal directory.

Simple and secure payment system

Credit card numbers and expiration dates are encrypted in transit as part of the secure and safe payment to safeguard you and make sure that no payment data leaks out. Simply choose one of our pricing plans based on your needs, and we'll take care of the rest. View our price options to make your selection.

Easily network between various social media

Determine the value of networking by engaging in effective consumer communication and networking that includes a personalised review system and ratings. By joining numerous social media networks, you can expand your horizons and keep the interest of your potential clients. Theme features, networking sites that are simple to use, and sites that rank highly for SEO are ways to strengthen the business.

Navigate your direction through Google Maps

The service of a navigable place is the best one that e-commerce offers. You can track each movement of products being transported to the point of location using the built-in Google Maps feature in the e-commerce directory theme. Analyze locations and traffic-producing areas more thoroughly for your company's convenience using modern analytical tools.

Customize Your Theme to Grow eCommerce Business

The ideal option for you to use and improve every part of your growth is an e-Commerce directory theme.


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Be it a grocery store, book store, or stationery store, we help you create and monetize a professional directory site for every purpose. You can easily custom-make your event organising, and packages, and change fonts around the theme. Quickly include the themes to give extra attention to your website and enjoy the full benefit of a business directory theme.

Salons & Spas

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Salons & Spas

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and the beauty of attracting customers lies in your hand with the condition for you to choose the best directory theme for you. Make an everlasting impression by surrounding yourself with reputable companies and clients using customised themes and the latest technologies incorporated, where you may create your own themes and give names to designs.

Restaurants & Hotels

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Restaurants & Hotels

Enjoy lavish eateries and lodgings with personalised menus and dining choices. Best for short trips and travellers, nature lovers and adventure seekers, dating nights or quality family time. By offering precise information about events and a customised calendar of all the significant bookings for the holiday season.

Gym Equipment’s

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Gym Equipment’s

A fitness entrepreneur? Have you considered it? You're insured, so don't worry. The e-commerce directory theme offers incredible custom fonts so you can create websites in your own style, a single landing page where only you can get your own unique individual page, and an SEO-friendly URL to expand your presence.


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Regarding the sale of sports equipment? Look at e-commerce directory themes with fantastic customised offers for your comfort. We ensure that everything arrives on schedule, from the corner convenience store to the athlete's gate, so your company's growth continues.

Tours & Travel

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Tours & Travel

Pack your bags and leave the rest. The e-Commerce directory theme offers outstanding responsive design for a better view experience on all technological devices, be it mobile where you may take a short look, desktop, or tablet, with customised theme features and typography options.

E-Commerce & Business Directory Theme Key Features

  • Recurring Occurrences -This e-Commerce directory theme allows users to create one-time events as well as recurring ones. Decide on a global start and end date before specifying the occurrences. Giving clients in-depth information in advance will increase the number of internet leads you to receive.
  • Customised Payment System - More payment options imply higher earnings. With PayPal and Stripe blockchain protected, we transform your payment experiences. You can also view our pricing plans as per your requirement and add value to your business, getting a faster pace in business with payment plans.
  • Google Map Services - You can use maps to make events easier to find. Maps are automatically displayed on event detail pages. Also, you can make your own using the map page service theme that is provided with precise locations.
  • Customised Review Management - We facilitate modification and management of reviews for all the listings by permitting or disallowing a listed submitter to review the listing. Our SEO specialists can assist in designing a unique reviews system for your company and integrating it effortlessly into your website.
  • Seo- Friendly Features - We offer responsive layouts as per the SEO for your website and its content to rank well in search engines.Because search engines prefer user-friendly, accessible websites, responsive themes have fluid layouts that "adapt" to the screen size, increasing your traffic by opting for SEO-friendly websites.
  • Fully Responsive Design - Our e-commerce directory theme permits you to create customised business directories or classified websites in the grid, list, and map view. Make your website ever ready to respond be it mobile or desktop or tablet and make sure to fulfil customers' requirements.
  • Proficient Search Options - We offer advanced filters that enable your users to navigate searching for listings with criteria like custom fields, tags, worth vary, etc. Fluent search and detailed tags and worthy search options for every visitor. Give your customer vibrant and to-the-point search locations.
  • Inclusion of Blogs - This robust e-commerce & business directory theme wasn't only created for event portals. If you want to run an events blog or advertise anything event-related, the theme also comes with a built-in blog. Follow our blog to be updated on new information.
E-Commerce & Business Directory  theme

List of New e-Commerce Directory Theme Features at a Glances

Advanced Listing Type Builder

An e-Commerce directory theme plugin called Post Type Builder can be used to create new post types and post-type templates.

Hassle-Free UX/UI

Give customers a unique user experience by creating a user-friendly interface worthy of creating an ethereal experience for customers.

Bootstrap Security

The latest bootstrap includes HTML & CSS design templates for forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, image galleries and many more.

Custom Listing Profiles

Each listing type is provided where you can make your own profile and sell products as per your own requirements.

Powerful Editor For All Listing Types

Easily log in and get approved by the admin panel to fully customise your website as you wish.

Lifetime Hosting

Once you take our service, we will offer you a dedicated and fully supportive hosting plan throughout your work.

Fully Responsive

We offer a fully responsive design for your website which will be the same for all gadgets you would like to be presented on.

Breadcrumbs Bar

- An easy navigation tool that makes it simple for users to comprehend how their position on a page relates to higher-level pages.

Customised Dashboard

Make your own dashboard and fill out information according to your needs and make unique selling points to be viewed by users.

Single-Click Demo

Easily and within a short time click on the demo and create your website smoothly within less time.

Unlimited Listing Types

With our premium membership plan, members can add unlimited products to websites.

Standard Thematic Features Benefit

Technical Support

The inclusion of a ticket system where the support team supports you with your unique ticket number even after the completion of work.

Custom Widgets

Customise your own widget on the website by adding or removing widgets according to your own business requirements.

Detailed Documentation

It's much simpler to get started with this sophisticated theme thanks to a multi-page guide that includes text, graphics, and video.

Browser compatibility

The most recent releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer are all compatible with e-commerce business directory themes.

Multi-language & translation-ready

Build an events website that can convert into several languages & translate the website for your event into just one language.

Live Chat availability

Both a live chat between members and a live chat between the website owner and admin are offered in order to facilitate effective dialogue.

Pre-made & customised theme

The themes are fully created; all that is left to do is customise the website according to your needs by picking from a variety of colors.

Membership Lead Management

Take advantage of our lifetime service to drive more leads, visitors, and sales to your website.

Easy member on boarding and social media sign-up

With just a few clicks create your account, also you can sign up via your own social media account.

Navigational service

It has never been easier to navigate to a certain area and view a list of nearby events and services to boost your lead.

Frequently asked questions

What is an e-commerce directory theme?

perfect theme for businesses who want to take it online, up and running in no time. A perfect place for businesses to connect with potential customers and leads for revenue generation and expanding business.

How long can I use the theme of this directory?

Once you purchase this e-commerce directory theme, you can use it indefinitely. Support and upgrades for the event's theme, however, are only available for a year. You can continue to use the theme without support or updates for a year after purchase.

Which businesses would be listed on an e-commerce directory theme?

Businesses with the need for demo websites for time-saving have the perfect solution for listing, business listed with eCommerce themes are:

  • Dropshipping business
  • Manufacturing business White labelling business
  • Wholesaling business
  • Rent and loan business
  • Freemium business
  • Vendor Specific business
  • Subscription business
  • Online retailers

What are the benefits of listing on an e-commerce directory theme?

Listing business increases their searchability making them easy for your customers to find over search engines, benefits are:

  • More response
  • Secure payments
  • Easy device and browser compatibility
  • Easy selling of products
  • Easy connection to customers
  • Search engine friendly design

How do I manage directories admin?

With Bright Directories the management of your business directories is easy, you can manage your super admin customization and all skeletal customization from our dashboard. For any query, you can mail us at support@brightdirectories.com.

How can I choose the e-commerce directories theme?

With Bright Directories you have the option to choose the list of 40+ perfect themes tailor-made for your business you can fill out this form and our team will contact you.

Will adding too many events have an impact on how well my event portal performs?

Your hosting has some bearing on the functionality of your website. The functionality and speed of this e-commerce directory theme have been enhanced.

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