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Real Estate Directory Theme
Real Estate Directory Theme

Real Estate Property Listing DirectoryTheme

A Real Estate Property Listing Directory Theme is a type of Bright Directories theme designed specifically for creating a property listing directory website. It provides the necessary features and functionalities to build a comprehensive and professional property listing directory site. We offer a perfect directory website for your real estate market. Display your agents, property portfolios, open houses, owners, builders, and more with an exquisite real estate directory theme.

Who can list:

  • Real estate owners
  • Property owners
  • Brokers
  • Real estate agents
  • Property buyers & sellers
  • Online property websites


  • Easy real estate listing - A simple-to-use plugin that offers the necessary features to quickly construct a dynamic real estate website.
  • Google Maps integrated - Build a customization map service to pinpoint the exact location of your customers and the footfall of your potential clients.
  • Leads for buy and sell - Develop your niche and build an amazing partnership to attract business prospects by building your own customized website.
  • Post Publisher Contact - Easily acquire the contact details of the publisher and get every technical support from our staff round the clock.
  • Customized profiles- Create your own customized profiles of houses to buy or rent with advanced plugins and the latest technological features.
  • Galleries of homes or properties- View the details and quick pieces of information of numerous homes with simple and proper listings of properties.

About Property Listing Directory Theme

Our real estate website theme is designed and oriented to your needs with a clean and smart layout that will bring a professional look to your real estate directory theme. Various property listing layouts are available and all are fully responsive. Property listing directory theme featured with plugin integration, advanced property search, default and grid listing, property slider content, property meta boxes, custom widgets, various page templates, theme options, unlimited colors, unlimited fonts and tons more. Develop your future prospects in the market and business at the same time as you gain insight into a wide variety of real estate directory themes.

Who needs a property listing directory theme:

The real estate directory theme includes fundamental pages and forms in multiple layouts and styles for online real estate business websites be it home variations, property listing, real estate agents, property dealerships, brokers and property details with the integration of Google map, agents listing and agents detail, member dashboard (profile and my properties), property submission, blog, contact page.

Benefits of Property Listing Directory Theme

Some of the key features of a real estate property listing directory theme may include:

Advanced search functionality:

This allows users to filter and search for properties based on specific criteria such as price range, location, number of bedrooms, etc.

Multiple listing types:

This allows for the listing of various types of properties such as apartments, houses, commercial properties, and land.

Customization home page:

This allows site owners to showcase featured properties, popular categories, and recent listings.

User registration and login:

This allows users to create and manage their own property listings, and site owners to manage their listings.

Payment gateway integration:

This allows users to make payments for premium listings, ad promotions, or other fees associated with the site.

Maps and Geo-location:

This allows users to view properties on a map and to filter properties based on proximity to a specific location.

Property details:

This provides a way to display detailed information about properties including descriptions, images, videos, and other relevant data.

Agent or broker profiles:

This allows users to create agent or broker profiles and to link them to their property listings.

Customization email notifications:

This allows users and site administrators to stay informed about new listings, inquiries, and other events.

SEO optimization:

This ensures that the site is optimized for search engines and can increase the visibility of the property listings to potential buyers.

In-built Property Listing Directory Theme Features

  • The advanced listing type builder
  • Variety of listing types, each with a different look and function
  • Hassle-free UI/UX
  • Each listing type is provided with custom listing profiles
  • Custom fields added for each listing type
  • Powerful editor for all listing changes
  • Lifetime Hosting
  • Every listing type-specific listing preview boxes
  • Easy customization for the explore page
  • For all of your listing kinds, a powerful search facet editor
  • Powerful lead matching system
  • Custom scroll-bars
  • Instant search on the header
  • Listing quick view
  • Bootstrap security
  • Block chain and AI tools
  • Multi-language translation
In-built Property Listing Directory Theme Features

Frequently asked questions

What do you mean by property listing directory theme?

Property listing directory theme or as we can say real estate directory theme is the perfect theme for real estate agencies for their listing of the marketplace.

What business should be listed on a property listing directory theme?

Businesses listed on a real estate directory theme are into the market and are property deals for buying, selling or renting. Businesses listed in the directory are:

  • Brokers
  • Property owners
  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate owners

What advantages will we get by installing a real estate directory theme?

The benefit of the listing is the exposure to your business and an increase in visibility, some more benefits are:

  • Leads for buy and sell
  • Easy real estate listing
  • Google map integrated
  • Easy management of house owner association

How long will it take for a listing to be approved?

Our tech and support team works their best to ensure that permissions are given in the shortest amount of time. Your listing will go online on Bright Directories as soon as it has been approved, which usually takes 24 to 48 hours. For anything else, you can contact us at

What are the options for subscriptions?

There are options available when it comes to subscriptions; if you want, you may choose a lifetime of licence subscription rather than committing for an entire year. You can go check our pricing plans or contact us at

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